Leonardo Castro

IT consulting and remote support.

Site em Português aqui.

As you can see, I don't do webpages. I specialize in small business domain administration, tech support and consulting. I started out as a bench technician at a small computer shop and after five years graduated to working as a contractor supporting a myriad types of small businesses in Florida's Tampa Bay area. Architects, non-profits, health care, accountants, one-man shops or 50+ computers; it didn't matter what you did, I handled the infrastructure, managed hardware, resolved software issues, advised on tech matters. 20 years total experience in solving problems.


I'm handling all my work through Freelancer.  If you do not have an account there, contact me and I'll send you a referral link with a $20 bonus that can be used towards your project!

Here is my profile, where you may use the button to hire me.




I've moved on to flat pricing for jobs, but for consulting you're looking at $30/hr.

On-call, meaning I will drop everything and immediately get on your project: $50/day, $100/day on weekends/holidays, in addition to project pricing.